Craig T. Luther – Collector, War Relics Dealer and Owner  of the Military Connection  – War Relics Shop located in South Milwaukee Wisconsin, served as a military historian for the 132nd Military History Detachment attached to U.S. VII Corps during Desert Shield/Storm.  “Actually taking military war relics off the battlefield – myself – during the first Gulf War was a highlight, in my opinion, it doesn’t get much better for a military collector.”  He started collecting at the age of ten, “I was a paperboy delivering The Capital Times and Wisconsin State Journal, a lot of my customers were WWII Vets and many were beginning to retire , they had lived in these houses since the war and quite a bit of militaria was available at the time – U.S., German, and Japanese.”  The passion for military history and collecting has been the driving force of his current career as a full time dealer and owner of the Military Connection War Relics Shop located at 723 Milwaukee Ave., South Milwaukee WI 53172.

We are excited to expand our footprint through ecommerce and look forward to assisting you with all of your military war relics needs.

If you have questions or need additional information please contact Craig at (414) 522-0033 or email : militaryconnection32@outlook.com